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Jav Beautiful Girl IPZZ-021 [Acting entertainer Emma Futaba x Chief Kiyoshi Asagiri, the first maker of crying, collaborated interestingly! ] Yuma Inaba was confounded when she heard that her closest companion Kanon was going out traveling with a man other than her sweetheart. Upon the arrival of the outing, Yuma goes to Kanon’s sweetheart Hajime’s home. Yuma, who was subtly infatuated with Hajime, figures out that she looks like Hajime’s #1 AV entertainer. As she watched the av with her, Yuma took her fortitude and said, “… do you do this?” – IPZZ021
Jav Censored Movies IPZZ-021 【演技派女優 二葉エマ×泣きジコりの元祖 朝霧浄監督が初タッグ!】稲場ユマは親友のかのんが彼氏以外の男と旅行に行くことを聞き、モヤモヤしていた。旅行当日、ユマはかのんの彼氏ハジメの家へ。ハジメに密かに想いを寄せていたユマは、自分がハジメの好きなAV女優に似ていることを知る。AVを二人で見ていた時、ユマは勇気を持って言った「… する?こういうこと」。
JAV PornStar Futaba Ema / 二葉エマ

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Date: April 12, 2023
Category: Censored
Label: Tissue
Duration: 130 minutes